New Innovations in Plastic Sorting Technology

Plastic Sorting Technology

Clean Ireland Recycling takes a remarkable leap forward in its commitment to sustainability and environmental preservation as it announces the integration of revolutionary technological advancements that allow the acceptance of all plastics, both soft and rigid, in the household recycling bin. This significant development is set to transform Ireland’s recycling landscape, empowering citizens to make a tangible difference in combating plastic waste.

Traditionally, household recycling has been confusing due to limitations in accepting only a select range of plastics due to technological constraints. However, through extensive research and cutting-edge innovations,  Clean Ireland Recycling has overcome these barriers, opening new doors to a comprehensive recycling solution with simple guidelines:




The breakthrough in technology comes as a result of significant invest in Irelands’ first Plastic Recycling facility.  This purpose built facility has elements of the plant 4 metres below ground level and other areas 13 metres above ground.  It is one of the largest plastic recovery facilities in Europe, with 124 conveyors, 15 optical separators, 5 magnets and eddy current separators, 5 large mechanical screens, 2 balers and 8 storage bunkers in addition to other smaller pieces of equipment. The plant itself is fully automated and controlled from a central station and is capable of processing over 70,000 tons of mixed plastic packaging per year.

These systems can accurately identify and segregate various types of plastics, ensuring optimal recycling outcomes.

In addition to the environmental benefits, the integration of advanced recycling technologies will also create new economic opportunities, leading to the creation of jobs and a boost to the local economy.

As Clean Ireland Recycling embraces all plastics, both soft and rigid, in household recycling bins, we are setting the stage for a paradigm shift in waste management practices. Through technology-driven solutions, the company strives to lead the way towards a cleaner and greener world.

Different types of Plastic that can be recycled

The plant takes in mixed plastic and sorts it by its exact colour and polymer make up. It can produce 18 different types of plastic for recycling, with independent testing showing purity of the material over 98%.

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