For our Commercial customers, we offer a full range of wheelie bins either for mixed waste or for recycling, e.g. 140 ltr, 240 ltr, 360 ltr, 660 ltr or 1,100 ltr.

We also offer organic waste and glass collection services. In certain areas collections are facilitated by our ‘QuadPod’ which has compartments for each waste stream of Mixed Waste, Dry Recycling, Food Waste and Glass.

This saves on both ours and our customers carbon footprint, it also eliminates confusion as to which bin should be left out on which day.

Also available to our commercial customers are balers for paper, plastic, cardboard, etc. These can be bought or rented. 

We also offer a full range of compactors both static and portable. Sizes range from 8 m³ to 30 m³.

Other services include skip hire (selection of some skips available below).

Mindful of current economic conditions, we will also provide a fully site-specific waste audit to evaluate our customers exact requirements and to make sure that they are handling their waste management in the most cost and time efficient manner. 

Clean Ireland Recycling offers a FREE commercial waste audit which will help your business access the most cost-efficient means of waste disposal.

To avail of our FREE commercial waste audit or to just find out more information about our commercial services, please call us directly on 0818600300.