Clean Ireland Recycling has always prided itself on being a market leader in terms of environmental innovation. With almost thirty years of experience in the waste management industry, Clean Ireland Recycling has developed into one of the leading providers of waste management services in the Mid-West.

Clean Ireland Recycling was one of the first waste management companies in the country to introduce the wheelie bin in the early 1990s.  It was also the first Irish company to introduce both the ‘brown’ (food) bin and 360 ltr recycling bin to its entire customer base with the latter replacing the standard 240 ltr bin which diverted a further 130 kg of waste per annum away from landfill.

In 2009 new legislation came into being that required we divert all organic material from our landfills. Clean Ireland led the way here in terms of forward-thinking management of food waste for their customers.

When collected separately, food waste material can be composted into a very useful fertiliser for soil conditioning and land reclamation. It can also be put through a more modern process known as anaerobic digestion. This process harnesses the useful bio-gas that is emitted during the degradation process and uses it to power generators, which in turn create electricity.  This very effective use of what was once your food and garden waste further contributes towards reducing our carbon footprints, as we become less reliant on fossil fuels like coal and oil for power generation.

Clean Ireland brought another ground-breaking development to the waste management sector with the launch of the first ever dedicated Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) waste collection trucks on the road in Ireland. On May 21st 2018, Clean Ireland Recycling celebrated the official opening of Ireland’s first fast-fill CNG refuelling station at Clean Ireland Recycling’s facility in Smithstown in Shannon, Co Clare.

Clean Ireland are the first waste management company in the country to introduce CNG powered vehicles in partnership with Gas Networks Ireland.  Clean Ireland already have two CNG powered vehicles on the road since 2017 with more to be introduced in years to come.

CNG is a cleaner, greener alternative to diesel with less greenhouse gases, with the investment delivering a 22% saving on carbon emissions and 99% less particulate matter but also a fuel cost saving of up to 30% per vehicle compared with its diesel equivalent.

Compared to diesel, CNG delivers the following emissions savings:

SubstanceCNG Emissions Savings
Nitrogen oxide (NOx)70%
Sulphur dioxide (SOx)80%
Particulate matter (PM)99%

This investment will reduce the company’s emissions significantly and, in doing so, the carbon footprints of their customers, both domestic and commercial. CNG is a far cleaner fuel than diesel which will help future generations by minimising the company’s impact on the environment.

Clean Ireland Recycling has been a regular winner at the Pakman Awards, winning, among others, Best Kerbside Collection Service.