Welcome to our Residential section where you will find information on our Domestic service. In this section you can register for a Clean Ireland Recycling residential wheelie bin account.

Our residential collection service handles four main areas:

    • Waste Management
    • Recycling
    • Glass Collection
    • Food Waste

Once registered online for our service, your bins will be delivered and your service collection will start. Full details of our collection schedule for waste, recycling, food and glass packaging are outlined below.


Pay by Weight service including 360 ltr recycling bin as standard

The Clean Ireland Recycling pay by weight service helps both the environment and your pocket. It is the tried and tested most cost-efficient way for Irish householders to manage their domestic waste. By proper recycling, Clean Ireland Recycling rewards its customers. The more recyclable material you can divert to your Blue Top Recycling bin, the less you pay.

Service Details Order This Service
    • 1 x 240 ltr bin for waste
    • 1 x 360 ltr bin for recycling
    • 1 x 25 ltr brown bin for food waste, plus a 7 ltr kitchen caddy
    • 1 x 50 ltr container for free glass packaging collection in certain areas

€154.82 for 6 months (€10 discount if you sign up for Direct Debit)

After a billing term, your lift weight is evaluated, and you are placed into the appropriate lift band.

Increased diversion from your mixed waste bin of the appropriate material to your recycling and food waste bins will reduce your future bills further.

As part of Clean Ireland Recycling’s commitment to transparency, your invoice will show exact details of all your bin lifts, exact weights, Truck registration no. and date/time of collection. 
Price includes all disposal charges and levies.

Collections Fortnightly, with all bins (General Waste, Recycling & Food Bin) collected together in multi-compartment trucks. Your Glass Bin will be collected on a different schedule. Please see the Collection Calendars for your schedule.
Payment Methods

Credit/Debit Card, Direct Debit, Cheque/Cash, PostPoint locations and our 24-hour automated payment line or website.

Payment can be made online or at any of our offices.


Glass collection is available in certain parts of Clare, Limerick and Tipperary. Collection areas are being extended on an ongoing basis.

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The food waste service is now available in all areas. If you are totally new to the concept of the food waste bin , then why not read up or watch our online video tutorial on food waste recycling.


We provide a glass packaging collection service in certain areas. If we service your area for glass, a FREE 50 ltr container will be delivered to you. The glass collection is completed every two months. Please see the Collection Calendars for your schedule.