RECYCLING Facts - image of different bins

Recycle efficiently and you will greatly reduce your annual waste collection bill.
Here are some helpful hints and information on recycling with Clean Ireland Recycling:

  • Please place your recycling items in the BLUE lid bin.
  • Clean Ireland Recycling will empty your blue lid bin on the same day every second week (along with the wet waste and food waste bins). Any contaminated bins (THAT IS BINS CONTAINING NON-RECYCLABLE ITEMS) will be emptied on the MW side.

What we do with Recycling Items:

  • Recycling items are sorted through a combination of automation equipment and hand sorting on a picking line. After the items are sorted, they are baled separately. For example: Cardboard Bales, Can Bales, Newspaper Bales, etc. They are then shipped to their destination for further processing into the end product.

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Some Recycling Hints:

  • Rinse all food & drink containers
  • Squash cans, boxes & cartons
  • Remove glossy magazine covers
  • Remove plastics & polystyrene from cardboard
  • Larger pieces of cardboard can be flattened, tied and left on the side
  • Please ensure that all recycling is clean, dry and placed loosely in the bin
  • Rigid plastics & Soft plastics can be recycled.  See for more information on this.
  • Containers/bottles with the following symbols are recycled in this scheme: – # Pet 1 ,  #HDPE 2

For Further Tips see: